About Us

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As a little girl growing up in Europe, I was always surrounded by the soft and quiet elegance of my mother's linens and lace. They are fabrics that please both the eye and the senses and make a house feel like a home. As I grew up not only did I fall in love with their charm and grace, but also wanted to know the history behind them. They were a connection to the past, a part of my family's heritage and traditions.

Of course I brought this love with me when I came to the U. S. in the 70's , and made sure to pass these treasures onto my children; each embroidered hand towel or pillow case has a story to tell.Having taken macramé lace for granted in Europe, I was surprised to discover that it was not readily available in the States. While vacationing in France I purchased a whole set of curtains for my home and even enough for our restaurant's windows.
The many compliments from our customers inspired me to start this site and share these little treasures with you.
Sometimes it was a challenge putting this web site together, but it was all worth it.
And by the way, your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and always welcome.

Martine Lykos