Product Overview

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Here is a detailed description of our french lace products.
The bolts of imported french lace are about 25 yards long. Depending on the series you choose, they will be customized into valances, tiers or panels. No windows are too long or too wide for this great product.
We customize the lace by cutting it, but no worries, it is woven in such a way that it will not fray or damage the intricate lace work.
All panels will be ready to hang. Just pass the rod through the series of larger holes at the top of each panel. No sewing or hemming necessary.

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The panels in this Victorian Series are 24" wide.

Imagine holding the bolt of lace and unraveling it from the
top to the bottom of your window.

Just like the picture on the left. Most of the laces have a design repeating every 3 ".


Kitchen Series and Flower Series offer 12" valances and 24" or 36" tiers.

In this instance imagine unraveling the bolt of lace from the
left to the right or your window.

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The Lace and Linen Series is made of delicate macramé lace and pure linen and is available only in its natural ecru color.
This lace is handle just as the Flowers and Kitchen series.

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Our Table Lace Series is perfect for the finishing touches in your home. The lace is cut by 3 inch increments (as the design repeats itself) and allows you to have matching lace on your mantle, table runner, doilies and head rests or arm covers for your chair or sofa. No matter how long or short, we can match your size. The runner on the pictures os 33" long since it has 11 ( 3") increments.

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Use our macrame trims to decorate the edge of your shelves or pillows, sheer curtains, tablecloths. Anything you can think of!
Each trim is sold by the foot.

I tried to make this as clear as I can, but if all I've done is confuse you ( a natural gift of mine!) just call us 610 533 1616 or contact us. We love to talk to our customers and met many wonderful people that way!