Stain Removal Tips

First things first

Always follow the label's cleaning instructions. If the  garments is "dry cleaning", pretreat the stain with dry  cleaning fluid only.  Treat the stain as soon as you can. The longer it remains the easier it will make this spot its permanent home!  It is wise to test the fabrics in discreet places before using the stain removers on the stain itself.

Work on the stain

If it is a large spill, try to absorb most of the staining agent before treating with the remover.  Each stain has its own remedy. Only use recommended solvents. Never try new "recipes of your own". Always keep the strongest reme
dy for last. Be as gentle as you can on the cloth fibers. If you need to scrape the stain, always start from the outside and work you way towards the center. Try not   spread it unnecessarily. You should always work on the wrong side of the  garment. If you can work over a sink and pour the stain remover on the stain. Otherwise I would usually place a cloth or paper towel  on the right side of the garment ( to absorb the extra fluids) as I dab the remover on the stain.
It can be dangerous to mix stain removing agents together as the contain different  chemical components and could create a hazardous reaction! Before washing the garment, always rinse very thoroughly any traces of stain remover, and make sure you let dry cleaning solvents evaporate. Take sure to work in a well ventilated area while using strong solvents. Never use heat on stains, it will not loosen the stain but most likely settle it in the fabric. If you are using hair spray to remove any stain, you must make sure to retreat the lacquer component as it may hinder the solvents from working. It is better not to over rub the stain removers in the fabric as this might damage the fibers. Be careful not to use colored materials for dabbing and absorbing as they might bleed and add more problems for you to solve Never iron or use the dryer on stained cloth unless you've exhausted all stain removal recipes. Don't forget the prewash with soil and stain removers like Stain Out®, Spray 'n' Wash®, or Shout® that release stains  and help detergents work more effectively.

Useful Smoke Damage Tips

This is a very challenging task. Carbon and other components of smoke are sometimes difficult to be removed from the  different fibers. Dry cleaning is not always the best solution for washable items.( I learned the hard way!)

Preparation :

On a windy day if possible hang your garments outside as soon as possible and make sure the air can flow through the garments by leaving fasteners open. Leave them at least a half a day to a day. Repeat as needed.
 You can also fill a bathtub with water and add 1 to 2 cups of vinegar. Hang the clothes over the tub, the vinegar will neutralize the smoke's odor.

Washing :

    I had two fires in my home and talking from experience, combining liquid bleach with detergent and repeated washes will remove most smoke damage stains and odor too! Using stain removers before washing, whenever possible is a great help. Of course whites should be treated with liquid household bleach as part of the washing process.

Drying :

   It is better to dry your clothes in the sunlight as the dryer might set any odor left behind.

Removing Stains from  cotton and linen

   First you should soak the fabric for a whole day as this will help release the stain as the fibers loosen. You should mix a cup of color safe bleach with a cup of dishwashing liquid and hot water. Leave the fabric in this mixture for 30mns to 45mns. You could also try to keep the temperature of the water hot by simmering  it on the stove for a few hours. If the stain remains, you might try electric dishwashing detergent, of any of the Oxi stain removing products. If all else fails,  and if the material is white, you could mix bleach and hot water and just treat the spotted area. As soon as the stain disappears, rinse thoroughly to stop the bleach action as it will damage the fabric if it is over  exposed.
 Disclaimer: My French Lace Curtains does not warrant and has no liability for information provided on this page. Each person or material may have a differently reaction to any of the suggested uses. It is recommended that before using any formula, you should read the instructions carefully and do a  test try first. Should you have any health care-related questions or concerns, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. All these tips were provided by many different people and sources and have not been tested by My French Lace Curtains.