Drying Your Linens

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There isn't anything nicer than linens dried with plenty of air and sunshine. It will help keep your whites brighter. Your linens will be fresh smelling and almost wrinkle free.
If hanging them outside is not an option, using an inside line in the laundry room or over the bath tub will be just fine. Always check for remaining stains on your clothes before using your dryer. The heat will probably set the stain into the fabric.
As soon as the clothes are dry, remove them quickly and fold them right away. If left too long your garments might wrinkle or shrink! Keep you lint filter always clean as your dryer will be more efficient.

How to dry your fabrics

Linen : Before placing them in the dryer, it is always a good idea to shake your linens after you remove them from the washing machine. Most of us use the dryer, but I have found it easier to remove my sheets while still a little damp, making ironing a breeze. Just shake them, smooth them out and iron them right away, but make sure they are very dry before you fold them If you have difficulty ironing a deep wrinkle, use a spray bottle filled with mineral water and dampen your linen before ironing. It is more practical than using your iron's built-in mister. If your linens stayed too long in the dryer do not worry, they will reabsorb the moister in the air in time. A little sachet of lavender will do wonders!                                     
 Cotton can be dried on an outside line or in the dryer. Just make sure you use medium to high setting.    
Flannel: Flannel blankets or sheets can be dried at medium heat and should be removed quickly to avoid wrinkling.
Fleece:  To prevent pilling, fleece blankets should be dried at low setting and removed promptly.

Caring for your linens

Sheets:  When using a dryer, do not overfill it and make sure the setting is on low heat cycle  to avoid wrinkling by over drying them. Using the permanent press option will certainly help since it has a cool down cycle that reduces wrinkling. No matter what, new linens made of natural fibers tend to wrinkle more. As time goes by and after a few washes they will get softer to the touch and will be easier to care for and wrinkle less. Towels: You can tumble dry your towels promptly in the dryer.If you decide to air dry them, they need to be shaken a few times during the drying process to help the loops in the terrycloth regains their plush and fluffy texture. Table Cloths:  It's a good idea to take out your tablecloth while still damp from your dryer as it makes ironing a breeze As always I appreciate any comments or contribution to the information posted on this site. .                                                                                                     Martine.